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PC Confidential 2010.07

PC Confidential is one of the most powerful hard drive cleaners

PC Confidential is an advanced computer cleaner which helps you remove all the unnecessary files and protect your privacy. First, the program performs an in-depth scan of your computer. This is necessary to locate all the data you want to remove, including Internet tracks, media players history and other files you don’t want anyone to know about. Second, PC Confidential irrecoverably erases all that data from your computer.

The PC Confidential tool uses an advanced technology to delete the incriminating data from your computer and even ultra-expensive recovery tools will not be able to retrieve that information. The interface is very easy to use. You are able to select the scanning type you want the application to perform. It locates and removes the browsing history from all popular browsers. It is also able to track and delete the playing history from a large number of media players. PC Confidential can also delete e-mails and chat logs.

Another important thing about this application is that it is able to locate and delete “index.dat” files that contain records of your online activity and can’t be erased manually. PC Confidential can also be configured to work automatically, without you having to scan and erase the private data every time you go offline.

With all these great features, PC Confidential is one of the most efficient tools when it comes to protecting your online and offline privacy.

Margie Smeer
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